Verti Draining / Sand Spreading

Vertidraining followed by sand spreading is a cost effective way of maintaining the playing surface by improving the soil structure and increasing the flow rate of surface water to the drainage system.

Much more than just spiking the ground, the vertidraining process includes tines that part the ground to break any hard pan present. This in turn allows surface water drain away more easily and also allows for better aeration, which will improve the quality of the grass.

Spreading sand on the area is then an advisable option. This will fill the small holes created by the vertidraining process and therefore will allow excellent drainage and aeration for a prolonged period.

Introducing sand in this way will improve soil structure to make for a drier ground with a better grass crop.

This process does not take grounds out of play, with results that can be seen almost immediately.




We at Trim Airfield are delighted with the drainage works completed on our runway. Neat work professionally undertaken which has solved our problem.

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