DRY-DOC is a cost-effective drainage system for all types of grass surfaces. If you have problems such as waterlogged areas, mud baths or hard, dried out areas in summer then you would see many benefits from installing a drainage system such as DRY-DOC Sports-field Drainage System.

The specialist DRY-DOC Sports-field Drainage System eradicates all these problems without any disruption, leaving a top quality, all year round playing surface, available for play immediately after installation. For instance, we can lay a section of the system in one part of the ground and allow it to be used just a few minutes after completion of the work.  The assistance the installation lends to grounds men, club and county boards is invaluable. Due to the fact that Ireland’s level of precipitation is high, soil cannot drain the rain-fall away from the surface at an adequate rate. DRY-DOC has the solution. 


Aims of DRY-DOC

DRY-DOC Sports-field Drainage System will:

  • Ensure a top class surface that is dry all year round.
  • Avoid any disruptions of play.
  • Ensure that your surface does not suffer soil compaction and further damage.
  • Ensure the avoidance of costly and embarrassing cancellation of fixtures.
  • Increase your ability to host prestigious fixtures and in the process, build up a top-class reputation for your surface.

DRY-DOC Sports-field Drainage System can be incorporated into new surfaces, or existing surfaces.  We offer a nation-wide service.


DRY-DOC Sports-field Drainage System

This system guarantees that there are no drainage problems in the future. Our highly skilled workforce ensure that there is little or no disruption to the area of land in question, meaning that it can be utilised almost immediately after installation of the system.




Over the past number of years the DAA have attained the services of Mc Cartney Contractors Ltd for a number of projects at Dublin Airport.

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